Srishti Mehta

Writer, Traveller, Nature Lover


Writer, Traveller, Nature Lover

I am a writer at heart. I love exploring different mediums of writing to pick out the best one to appeal and approach different audiences. My deepest aspiration is to leave behind stories that invoke empathy in my readers.

Reading a lot comes naturally to a writer. I read to learn more, challenge my beliefs and grow as a human being. My curiosity takes me to different kinds of books, but my favorite genre is magic realism -a genre that adds magical elements to a primarily realistic world view. I love magic realism because it allows me to connect with the real world around me in a much deeper way.

I also strongly connect with traveling and nature. It brings me a certain inexplicable joy to be in nature and explore new places. While traveling I try to connect with the people, culture and biodiversity of that place. Traveling gives me stories that ultimately become a part of my life and also a part of my writing. Traveling also allows me to experience the true joy of freedom.

So in short, I am a writer who loves to travel and read books, people and places.

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