I'm a 23 year old who is terribly afraid of water and the dark but will be conquering both my fears by scuba diving for the first time, AMA!

Jun 8, 2017

Since a young age, I have had these irrational fears of the dark as well as large bodies of waters. 

I still wont sleep without some sort of light and I haven't been near a pool, yet alone an ocean in over 5 years!

My boyfriend is an avid swimmer and has finally gotten me to sign up for scuba diving lessons this summer! I am terrified,but its the only way to face my fears head on!

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Is it true that you can do scuba diving even if you dont know how to swim?

Jun 10, 8:12PM EDT0

How many people will you have with you when you dive?

Jun 8, 2:53PM EDT0

Just the instructor and my boyfriend. 

Jun 8, 6:17PM EDT0

Was there an event, or events, in your life that made you afraid of the water?

Jun 8, 1:15AM EDT0

I almost drowned at a young age and since, its always scared me

Jun 8, 6:17PM EDT0

Were you rescued buy a professional?

Jun 11, 8:18PM EDT0

Have you ever considered medical help? Or sought professional counseling to over come your fears?

Jun 8, 12:47AM EDT0

Thats not the type of person i am. I want to try everything in my ability,to fix it myself first

Jun 8, 6:17PM EDT0

If it doesn't work I really recommend you to consult a doctor. Now they have really good techniques to help people like you.

Jun 9, 10:05AM EDT0

Besides the dark and the water, do you have any other fears you want to conquer? Will scuba diving help those?

Jun 7, 7:15PM EDT0

I'm terrified of heights, insects, and being alone. Its a long list, but I plan on knocking them all out eventually!

Jun 8, 6:16PM EDT0

 that's a lot! have you had all of them since you were a little kid?

Jun 10, 3:31PM EDT0

Same question about the dark, wouldn't it be better to just be in a dark room with a lamp or flash light nearby in case your fear overwhelms you?

Jun 7, 4:39PM EDT0

I want to be able to live! Why sit in a room,with a lamp instead of going out and potentially getting over my fear and learning something new!

Jun 8, 6:16PM EDT0

I like your attitude. Good luck!

Jun 10, 1:02AM EDT0

Will you be taking anything with you on your dive to help with your fear and anxiety?

Jun 7, 1:33PM EDT0

Nope! Just me myself and j

Jun 8, 6:15PM EDT0

Sorry who is J? Your boyfriend?

Jun 10, 1:03AM EDT0

Are you afraid you'll “wimp out” at the last moment and not be able to go into the water?

Jun 7, 2:42AM EDT0

We've put down,the money to,go, wimping out isn't an option anymore, lol

Jun 8, 6:15PM EDT0

What if you panic? You will not care about the money anymore. Anyway I really believe in you!

Jun 10, 7:14PM EDT0

Why have you waited so long, you're 23 years old, to do something to overcome these fears?

Jun 6, 10:32PM EDT0

I never needed to. None of my friends can swim, so there was no incentive. 

Jun 8, 6:14PM EDT0

Have you done any research into scuba diving before making this plan?

Jun 6, 9:51PM EDT0

None! The more I research the more likely I,am to change my mind

Jun 8, 6:14PM EDT0

Will you be taking scuba diving lessons with a professional and will a friend or family member be going with you?

Jun 6, 7:47PM EDT0

Yes, a professional and my boyfriend will be going with me. 

Jun 8, 6:13PM EDT0

Imagine if you like it. How cool would it be?!

Jun 11, 3:45AM EDT0

Once you have overcome your fears of the dark and the water, do you plan to continue scuba diving?

Jun 6, 7:44PM EDT0

If it works, I would LOVE to!

Jun 8, 6:13PM EDT0

It seems to me that scuba diving is dangerous and scary enough without being afraid of the water and the dark, why risk it?

Jun 6, 7:38PM EDT0

Why not, honestly! I know ill have a great support with me, so its about trying to go way out of my comfort zone

Jun 8, 6:13PM EDT0

You are a brave person! I'm really afraid of scuba diving. What scares me is that I wouldn't be able to breathe normally

Jun 11, 12:06PM EDT0

How long have you had your fear of the dark?

Jun 6, 4:22PM EDT0

Ever since I can remember. It wasnt as bad as a child, though. 

Jun 8, 6:12PM EDT0

Why would you choose to scuba dive to over come your fears?

Jun 6, 1:10PM EDT0

Its something I can do with my boyfriend, which would immediately make me feel safer. 

Jun 8, 6:12PM EDT0

Have you bought scuba diving gear of your own, or will you rent some when you go?

Jun 6, 11:14AM EDT0

Definitely going to rent some! Don't want to buy and end up never using it again

Jun 8, 6:11PM EDT0

What time of year will you doing this scuba dive?

Jun 6, 10:35AM EDT0


Jun 8, 6:11PM EDT0

Please tell us about your results after it happens. 

Jun 9, 11:07AM EDT0

There are some spots on Earth where the water is nearly crystal clear, which would ruin the idea of the “Dark.” Where will you be diving?

Jun 6, 10:18AM EDT0

Its in the gulf coast since we live in florida. 

Jun 8, 6:10PM EDT0

How severe is your fear of the water? Can you go in a pool? What about a bathtub? A shower?

Jun 6, 10:16AM EDT0

I don't take baths. I strictly shower. Baths are a tad bit much and anything bigger is much worse!

Jun 8, 6:10PM EDT0

Are you on medication of some sort, or in treatment of some, under medical care for anxiety or to help with your fears and issues?

Jun 6, 10:02AM EDT0

I am not, I'm not the type to rely on medicines very much!

Jun 8, 6:09PM EDT0